Experience the Refined

Started Neutine as a fun project

Started Neutine Network as a fun project to play around adding new features. Then we just got some more staff and went off from there. With our ambition in creating a fun and refined network – we introduce you, Neutine Network.

Why our Ranks are better

Discounts across our network, from shop, upgrades and more, AuctionHouse (Survival) does not offer discount.

Directly increase our hardware! By purchasing a rank, you will be contributing with increasing our hardware.

Flex on friends and strangers. We all love a little flexing don’t we all? With our ranks, you can flex as much as you need.

MVP and higher tier gets automatically placed into Beta Testing for each beta-testing sessions.

Our ideals and goals

Meet Deadlines

Our developers are working hard to meet deadlines provided in announcements etc. From updates to general downtimes.

Real-Time Hotfixes

Found a bug? We will get it updated and patched as soon as we can. Most times – it will never disrupt your gameplay.

Frequently Asked Question

How are ranks processed?

We use tebex to handle our payments here.

Why is Java MC recommended?

It is the most stable way of connecting to Neutine Network. Our version for Java is 1.16.5 (Servers Version).

What are the servers hosted on?

From the time of writing, Neutine Network runs on our owned hardware, with a Ryzen 5 2600X, 48GB DDR4, 500GB SSD, 2TB HDD Backup and 250Mbps Networking. Your data is safe and sound. We planning on upgrading to Ryzen 9 5950X, 128GB DDR4 and 1Gbps Networking.

I keep getting kicked (Eagler)

EaglerCraftX are having issues with Proxy Lost Connection, If you really need to use Eagler – try wss://direct.neutine.net to connect directly to our Dedicated Server.