Neutine Network

Designed to bring players together, improve enjoyment
and increase social interactions

News & Updates

What are we?

Neutine is a Minecraft Network that is made up of refined gameplay, and carefully coded mechanics to ensure that your playtime @ Neutine is a never forgetful experience.

Insane Servers

Our VPS provided by Hostys.Cloud to ensures that your gameplay (mainly USA) is buttery smooth.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff team are specially selected to ensure fairness, availablity, and professional. Apply here now.

Amazing Partners

We are partnered with some of the best servers, including (unofficially) Hostys.Cloud and Zorrito Hosting.

Constant Updates

@ Neutine, we make sure that our servers are up to date, kept up with requests, secure & fast. Your support makes it happen.


Java (1.8-Latest)



Partners and Sponsers

Zorrito Hosting

Zorrito Hosting is a hosting provider that provides a fast and best price to performance plans. From $0.5/month, you get a fast and reliable web hosting. Upgrade to $2/month and you got everything covered, from emails to more storage and is ready for wordpress & commerce.

Why play on Neutine?


Our staff team are passionate to have you abroad our adventure, whenever you feel lonely, sad or just down – come play on Neutine, make friends and play together.

Generally Positive

With our careful development, you are sure to gain the best gameplay experience, with our custom mechanics, bosses and unique style enhanced for players’ engagement.

Easily recover accounts

We have methods of account recovery, primarily email recovery. Simply request recovery, get sent a new code and simply play again on your beloved account.

Why hesitate to join our server? Experience the fun!